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Design of IoT-Based Monitoring And Safeguarding of Chickens in Poultry From Illness,

This project presents an innovative IoT-based solution for monitoring and managing the health of chickens in a poultry farm, as demonstrated in the provided YouTube video. The system is designed to address the challenges faced by poultry farmers in ensuring the well-being and productivity of their livestock while minimizing manual intervention.

The core of the system consists of a network of IoT sensors strategically deployed within the chicken coop to continuously monitor various environmental parameters crucial for chicken health, including temperature, humidity, and air quality. These sensors transmit real-time data wirelessly to a central control unit, where advanced algorithms process the information to detect any anomalies or deviations from optimal conditions.

The system demonstrated in the video also incorporates intelligent image processing capabilities, utilizing cameras installed within the coop to monitor the behaviour and activity of the chickens. By analyzing the captured images and video footage, the system can identify abnormal behaviours or signs of distress among the chickens, enabling timely intervention by farm managers or personnel.

Furthermore, the system features automated feeding and watering mechanisms controlled by actuators, ensuring that the chickens have access to sufficient food and water at all times. This automation not only reduces the workload for farmers but also helps maintain optimal conditions within the coop, promoting the overall health and well-being of the chickens.

One of the key highlights of the demonstrated system is its user-friendly interface, accessible via a mobile application or web portal, allowing farmers to remotely monitor the status of their chicken coop and receive real-time alerts and notifications. This feature enhances the efficiency of farm management by enabling proactive decision-making and intervention, thereby minimizing the risk of illness outbreaks and maximizing poultry productivity.

In conclusion, the IoT-based automated chicken coop monitoring and health management system showcased in the YouTube video offers poultry farmers a practical and effective solution for ensuring the well-being and productivity of their livestock. By leveraging IoT technology and intelligent algorithms, the system streamlines farm operations, enhances chicken welfare, and ultimately contributes to the sustainability and profitability of the poultry industry.”

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