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Book Conservation Chamber Using Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone!
For a school project at MCT Howest Kortrijk, I made a Book Conservation Chamber. This is a climate controlled box in which you can store books.
The reason why I choose to make this is because a lot of people put their old books in the basement or in the attic. However, most basements are too humid to store books in while the temperature in the attic can be too high, especially during the summer.
In this instructable you can find the step by step process to recreate this project.
All the code can be found in my github repo:

- Raspberry Pi 4 model b
- Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply
- 16GB micro SD card
- Ethernet cable
- ESP32
- USB-A to Micro USB-B data cable
- Breadboard power supply
- AC/DC power adapter
- Solderless breadboard 830 points
- 3x Solderless breadboard 170 points (if you solder things together, you might not need these)
- Raspberry Pi breakout expansion board + ribbon cable
- Dupont wires (various sizes and types)
- 5x 470Ω resistors
- 1x 10kΩ resistor
- LDR (light dependent resistor)
- 3x4 keyboard membrane matrix
- RFID-RC522 module
- RFID stickers
- 2x button
- LCD display
- Potentiometer
- PCF8574
- DHT11 module
- Servo motor
- 5V brushless fan
- NPN transistor 2n2222a
- Diode

- MDF 15mm 200x122cm
- MDF 5 mm 50x100cm
- Transparen PS sheet 100x50cm
- Wooden plank 15x15mm 270cm
- Piano hinges
- Screws
- Doorknob
- Hook
- Metal chain (optional)
- Floral wire (optional)
- Paint (optional)

- Saw
- Drill
- Sanding paper
- Painting roll
- Milling machine
- Superglue

The cost of this is around 200 €. This could be lowered by choosing smaller wooden boards, there just weren’t any available at the stores that I went to.”

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