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SafetyLock: a Smart Lock Made With Raspberry Pi (Fingerprint and RFID)

Have you ever wanted a more accessible way to secure your house? If so, this is the solution for you!
I made SafetyLock, this is a lock that can be opened with your fingerprint, a RFID badge and even through a website. Thanks to this concept you will always know who entered your home at what time of the day, you’ll also see how many times someone stepped in front of your door that day.

For my project i used multiple parts that i will be listing below, I’ll also add the excel file with all the corresponding prices of the components as also the websites from which I ordered them.


Raspberry Pi 3 model B+
Raspberry Pi power supply
Raspberry Pi T-cobbler
Electronic doorlock 25cm
Electronic doorlock 6mm
Universal AC-DC adaptor
Relay module Velleman
PIR motion sensor Velleman
RFID module - RC522
RFID tag
Optical fingerprint scanner
USB to TLL serial adaptor
Raspberry Pi camera module V2
LCD display 16*2
Jumper wires (m to f) and (m to m)
10 Kohm resistors

MDF wood 6mm

Soldering iron
Super glue

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