IoT Smart Home System

This is Keefe and Jons Smart home system on iot

This application is a smart home system
which is divided into 2 main components. The first component is the smart door system which consists of a doorbell, access card system, LCD display to show the time, and whether the access card was allowed or denied, a LED indicator light to show that the door is unlocked, a motion sensor to capture motion outside of the house, with a camera to capture a picture when motion is detected.

The second component is the smart home system which consists of 2 LEDs, 1 representing the lights in the house and the other to represent the air-conditioning of the house. 2 buttons are also included to turn the LEDs off and on to represent that the air-conditioning and lights can be turned on or off using buttons. However, using the webpage of the application, the user can turn the air-conditioning or the lights on and off remotely. A temperature and humidity sensor is also used to capture the temperature and humidity in the house and a graph of the day’s temperature can be seen on the website as well.

This application will help to ease the lives of home owners as they can ensure their home security using the door access system and motion sennsor to detect movements and capture pictures of suspicious activites outside their house as well as a camera livestream, that allows home owners to see what is going on outside their house when they are away. The smart home system also provides home owners with convenience as they can see whether their lights or their air-conditioning is turned on or off, so that they can turn it off while they are out in the case that they forgotten to off it before leaving the house. The temperature chart also allows home owners to monitor their home temperature and they can then choose to turn on the air-conditioning before they reach home if the see that the temperature at home is high, allowing them to come back to a cool home and relax.”


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