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Smart Home System

This instructable will help to explain how to set up and use our Smart Home System by using the Matlab software and the Raspberry Pi hardware. At the end of this instructable, you should be able to fully use our product with ease!

Parts and Materials Needed:

Raspberry Pi
Breadboard (x2)
PIR Motion sensor
LCD Module
LED Light
Raspberry Pi Camera
Micro Servo Motor
Double Ended Wires (20)

The issues that our product is trying to address are manual light controls, indoor temperature control, and energy efficiency. We focused on the amount of energy that the average home uses, and we wanted to find ways to reduce energy usage. Lights being left on and unnecessary thermostat temperatures account for very high unnecessary energy usage. The light will be motion activated to where they shut off when a room is vacant, and the thermostat adjusts to a environmentally efficient temperature based on the reading of the outdoor temperature.”

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