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A simple but useful Arduino project.
Just connect your Arduino smart home and control the heater, airing, and lights via Bluetooth!
IntrodutionAn intelligent thermostat routine controls the heater gas boiler, and the system switches my kitchen lights and my bathroom airing fan with relays can be controlled by buttons and Android device or computer via Bluetooth.
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Celsius and Fahrenheit version also available!
Developed on Arduino Nano (or higher) board, uses Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensor, HC-05/06 Bluetooth adapter, I2C 128X64 bicolor OLED display you can choose different LCD / OLED display, the u8glib supports a lot of types.
Video & Downloads - the most important things!The video shows all the important working ways, gives you ideas how to build the project from the beginning.
Attachment of this project contains a Simplified schematics (jumper wire), and a Detailed one (to solder), all needed libraries - and Arduino program codes; a Celsius and a Fahrenheit version.
The program code explains itself, useful for beginners. Well commented, describes every important steps; what, why and how. Divided into modules by functions, thats why easy to overview.”

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