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The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Robot (v2.0)

Around 5 years back I made a Floor Cleaning Robot (CleanSweep) from scratch, which was a hit and a lot of people followed the guide and tried making their own robot. But that design actually had some flaws. So last year I had to make my Engineering Mini Project and I decided to work on the same idea but with some improvements. However, it is quite ironical that even after 3 years of university I worked on the same project that I built when I was in school (lol).

In this instructable, I will present you Version 2.0 of the Floor Cleaning Robot, with some improvements over the previous version. This one is also controlled from a phone app via bluetooth but here I have also added autonomous control (which a lot of people requested). I used 3 ultrasonic sensors- one looks at the front, one looks left and one looks right. A latching switch is used to switch between Autonomous and Manual Mode. The roller at the back was useless so I removed it. The 2 rotating mops at the front obstructed movement so I replaced that with a single fixed mop. Apart from that I also added an LCD display (which is optional) for displaying commands or debugging. I also used lithium-ion batteries instead of a bulky lead acid battery which gives us more capacity and smaller size. We can also control the flow of water for which I used glucose drip infusion mechanism.

In short here are the changes I made compared to the previous version:

- Added Autonomous Mode
- Fixed mop instead of rotating ones
- Removed roller and servo motor
- Added LCD Display
- Used Lithium-ion Batteries instead of lead acid
- Used Arduino Nano (cheaper and smaller in size) instead of Uno
- Added Water Flow Control

I have tried to make the instructions as clear as possible. I hope you find this guide useful.

Following are the parts that we will need for this project:

- Arduino Nano (or any other compatible board)
- HC-05 Bluetooth Module
- L293D Motor Driver Board (L293 or any other motor driver will also work)
- 3x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensors
- 3x Clamps for Ultrasonic Sensors (optional)
- 16x2 LCD Display
- Single Channel 5V Relay Module
- 2x 100 RPM Geared Motors (or anywhere between 50-500 RPM)
- 2x Wheels for Motors
- 2x Clamps for Motors
- 12V Diaphragm Water Pump
- 3x 18650 Lithium-ion Batteries
- 3 Cell Holder or 3x Single Cell Holders
- 7805 Voltage Regulator
- 1K, 2K, 10K resistors (1 each)
- Male/Female Headers
- Screw Terminal
- Latching Push Button
- On/Off Switch
- Perf Board
- Female to Female Jumper Wires
- Wire
- Nuts & Bolts
- Spinning Mop attachment (found in spin mop & bucket kit) (Buy on Amazon)
- Vinyl Tubing
- Glucose Drip Pipe (can be found in medical stores)
- A Small Water Bottle (as water reservoir)

Apart from this, you will also need some basic tools like Soldering Iron, Drill, Wire Cutter, Screwdriver, Pliers etc.”

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