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”Robot-Car: Design Fused with Obstacle Avoidance Technology”
Recently, there is an intensive research undertaken in the field of intelligence robotics and autonomous mobile robot applications. Through the this project we wanted to explore this field by building a robot car that can potentially avoid the obstacles. This is a user controlled robot car that has been integrated with ultrasonic sensors to get the information from the surrounding area and thereby avoid any kind of obstacle collisions.This is a robot car that can be remotely controlled using a Bluetooth terminal mobile/PC application and has the capability to avoid the collision with the obstacles. Essentially when the user gives a command that can potentially lead to an obstacle collision the bot overrides his command and stops avoiding any major damage. The robot car in the project can be made to move in six directions (Forward, Backward, Front right, Front left, Back right and Back left). The system includes a PIC32 microcontroller that forms the heart of the system .The Dc motors, Bluetooth module are interfaced to the microcontroller and the data received by the Bluetooth terminal application by the user is processed by the microcontroller to perform the necessary operations.”

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