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C Sharp Notes for Professionals book

Cplusplus Notes for Professionals book

CSS Notes for Professionals book

Entity Framework Notes for Professionals book

Excel VBA Notes for Professionals book

Garage Parking Assistant

“Hot Potato” Retro Robot

Joystick Controlled Remote Car


Robot Car Bluetooth Controlled- Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Using Pic32 Microcontroller

About Microsoft MakeCode

Algorithms Notes for Professionals book

Angular 2 Notes for Professionals book

AngularJS Notes for Professionals book

Arduino Rc Amphibious Rover

Bash Notes for Professionals book

Bluetooth Padlock

C Notes for Professionals book

Caltech and Disney Engineers Collaborate on Robotics

Coupling Experiments to Theory to Build a Better Battery

DARPA Program Aims to Extend Lifetime of Quantum Systems

Diamonds flaws hold promise for new technologies

Easier Way to Produce High Performing, Flexible Micro-Supercapacitor

How To Connect Nodemcu / Esp8266 And Oled Shield

Intel Delivers Best-in-Class Depth Sensing for Makers, Educators and Developers with Intel RealSense D400 Depth Camera Series

Ittt Arduino Vulploeg Timer

Kilopower: What’s Next?

Lets Make A Magic Crystal Ball With Magic Spells! ~ Arduino ~

.NET Framework Notes for Professionals book

Neutron-star merger yields new puzzle for astrophysicists

NUS engineers invent tiny vision processing chip for ultra-small smart vision systems and IoT applications

Piecework at the nano assembly line

Portable Snake

Programmable droplets

“Rob”: The Ultimate R/C Neopixel/Ws2812B Led Display Platform

Android™ Notes for Professionals book

Stackable Hexagon Infinity Mirrors

Thanks for the Memory: NIST Takes a Deep Look at Memristors

Using Crumpled Graphene Balls to Make Better Batteries

VU Meter on Steroids: Arduino Nano and WS2812Bs

Wifi Kit 32 Ntp Clock

Arduino Infinity Mirror (Bluetooth & Sound Reactive)

Arduino - Rotating Led On Movement - Wearable Item (Inspired By Chronal Accelerator Tracer Overwatch)

Interactive Sleeves - Led Fire Animation

Mastermind Game /W Arduino Uno

Memory Game With Touch (Simon Says) - If This Then That

Ternary chord keyboard

Tutorial - Build a ManyKey Macro Keyboard

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

Arduino bootloader with OTA (over the air) support over nRF24L01

Arduino RFID Maze Game

ATMega1284 Quad Opamp Effects Box

Bash Guide for Beginners

Bash Reference Manual - Reference Documentation for Bash 4.4

Begging Robot

BlackBerry Launches Game Changing Cybersecurity Product: BlackBerry Jarvis

Building Blocks to Create Metamaterials

Control Home Appliances Using Nodemcu And Blynk App

GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary

Gps Forest Fire Alert System With Sim808 And Arduino Uno

Heltech Wifi Kit 32 Based Network Scanner

Home Automation System Using Arduino And Hc-05 Bluetooth Module

How to Build Your Own Function Generator Using Analog Devices’ AD9833

Lock Using Sonars And Led Strips On Arduino

Make A Solar Powered Bug Robot

Maverick - Remote Controlled Bidirectional Communication Car

Monitor Your Garden

Neural networks take on quantum entanglement

Novel 3D printing technique yields high-performance composites

Panasonic Conducts Demonstration Experiment of Autonomous Signage Robot, “HOSPI(R)” at Narita Airport

Perovskite solar cells: mesoporous interface mitigates the impact of defects

Pumpkin Pi Digital Decoration Controller

Quantum physics provides new knowledge about the brain

Raspberry Pi Clock with Temperature

Realtime Event Notifications Using NODEMCU (Arduino), Google Firebase And Laravel

Samsung Electronics Starts Producing Industry’s First 16-Gigabit GDDR6 for Advanced Graphics Systems

Slow ‘hot electrons’ could improve solar cell efficiency

The AWK Programming Language

Turning heat into electricity

UChicago scientists use gyroscopes to find unusual state of matter

After years of avoidance, Department of Energy joins quest to develop quantum computers

Arduino Intervalometer

Arduino Mega Chess

Arduino Tutorial: Adding Sensors to Your Data Logger

Arduino UNO + 2.4 TFT LCD Display Shield Touch Panel ILI9341

Artificial intelligence breaks the code to true love

Automated Staircase RGB LED Lights

Battery Powered ESP IoT

Building Molecular Wires, One Atom at a Time

Cassini Finds Saturn Moon Has ‘Sea Level’ Like Earth

Chinese Automaker Chery to Use NVIDIA-Powered ZF ProAI for Level 3 Autonomous Cars

Digital & Binary Clock in 8 Digits X 7 Segments LED Display

Digital Rattle

D.I.Y. Continuity Tester

DIY Relay Board

facepunch: A facial recognition punch clock

Fast-moving electrons create current in organic solar cells

From Data to Graph. a Web Jorney With Flask and SQLite

Graphene Flexes Its Muscle

Home-Made 3d Printed Camera Drone

How to Make a Professional Looking Proximity Sensor

Improvising an EPROM programmer

Mbed OS 5.7.3 released

Minimalist 3D Printed RGB Word Clock

Mysteries of Nickel Oxide - a Promising Spintronic Material - Are Revealed

Nintendo Labo combines the magic of Nintendo Switch with the fun of DIY creations

Octagonal Infinity Mirror Table

Picking winners from millions of possibilities

Programmable Led Bar

Programming STM32F103 Blue Pill using USB Bootloader and PlatformIO

Pulse Oximeter With Much Improved Precision

Quantum physics turned into tangible reality

Quantum systems work together for change, UChicago scientists find

Read Your Main Power Electricity Meter (ESP8266, WiFi, MQTT and Openhab)

Real time bitcoin-ticker (POV)

Realtime Cryptocurrency Ticker / YouTube Subscriber Counter

Researchers measure single atoms in a graphene ‘petri-dish’

Smart buildings that can manage our electricity needs

Sprout: Modern Indoor Self Watering Planter

Superconducting Tokamaks Are Standing Tall

Tiny Colour Watch

UT boosts efficiency of solar fuels using microwires

Wireless Communication Using NRF24L01 Transceiver Module for Arduino Based Projects

Wireless Serial (UART) for Arduino/STM32/etc.

4-CH DIY 433 Mhz Module Transmitter {No Coding}

Arduino Apple Watch

Automated LED Lighting for Planted Aquarium Using RTC

DIY Arduino Nano Shield

DIY Interactive LED Coffee Table

ANDI - Random Rhythm Generator - Electronics

PhotonLamp - a WS2812b Equipped Designer Lamp With MQTT Control

Remotely Shutdown or Restart a Computer With ESP8266 Device

TIVA Based Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Arduino Bluetooth Robot Face


DIY Arduino Slow-Drip Cold Brew Coffee Tower

FridgePi : Leftovers Never Sounded So Good

MicroPython Basics: ESP8266 WebREPL

Octopod: a Smart IOT Home Automation Project

RGB Infinity Clock With Own BT App

Steep Slopes on Mars Reveal Structure of Buried Ice

A major step forward in organic electronics

Aerial Vehicle Flying Freely with Independently Controlled Main Wings

Artificial intelligence can ‘evolve’ to solve problems

Automatically Watering System With La COOL Board

Bio-based Compound Offers A Greener Carbon Fiber Alternative

Breaking bad metals with neutrons

Developing a secure, un-hackable net


Extremely bright and fast light emission

Handheld Raspberry Pi Infra Red Camera

Larry Page-backed asteroid mining company launches CubeSat with experimental water detection tech

MATRIX Voice Running Alexa Demo in Hands-Free Mode

Nanostructured Gate Dielectric Boosts Stability of Organic Thin-Film Transistors

New discovery could improve brain-like memory and computing

Productivity Tracker - Powered by Raspberry Pi

PWM Regulated Fan Based on CPU Temperature for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Zero Universal Remote

Researchers implement 3-qubit Grover search on a quantum computer

Simple Moving Message WIFI Display Using MQTT and D1 Mini

Build an Arduino-based 4-Channel Data Logger

Google Home Controlled Power Outlet

Here’s the story behind the pole-dancing robots everyone’s talking about at CES

Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide

Linux From Scratch Version 8.1

newelectronics de 9 Janeiro 2018

Razer Unveils Project Linda: Android Laptop/Phone Hybrid Concept


Salat Time

Samsung Starts Producing 8-Gigabyte High Bandwidth Memory-2 with Highest Data Transmission Speed

Send Temperature & Humidity to Blynk App (Wemos D1 Mini Pro).

Unlocking the Future of Flying

Design IoT Solutions Using Python and Zerynth

Evaluating electrodes: Researchers identify concepts to measure battery performance

How to build custom IoT hardware with Arduino

Making the Internet of Things possible with a new breed of “memristors”

Manchester scientists develop graphene sensors that could revolutionise the Internet of Things

2018 CES: Intel Advances Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing Research

60V input 5V @3A output DC-DC Converter for Industrial and Automotive

8x8 LED Matrix Using Arduino

Arduino Riddlebox

Arduino TTS ( Text to Speech )

CES 2018: HyperX Unveils World’s First Infrared Synchronized DDR4 RGB Memory

DIY Binary Alarm Clock

EAL - RFID Inventory Management

Fiber OLEDs, Thinner Than a Hair

Musician Who Lost His Arm Plays Piano Again with AI Prosthesis

Qualcomm Introduces Breakthrough Low Power Bluetooth Audio SoC Series for Wireless Earbuds and Hearables

Researchers Develop World’s Smallest Wearable Device

SpaceX apparently lost the classified Zuma payload from latest launch

tinker board S

Weather/Matrix Lamp

Wi-Fi Alliance introduces security enhancements

A simplified formulation of lattice gauge theories for applications in particle physics as well as quantum simulations

AMD Redefines High-Performance Computing with New Processor and Graphics Products Preview at CES 2018

Arduino Crypto Currency Display

ATMega1284P Guitar and Music Effects Pedal

Baidu debuts Apollo 2.0, its latest open self-driving platform

Battery Tester and Charge Monitor

Computational astrophysics team uncloaks magnetic fields of cosmic events

Cybersecurity in self-driving cars: U-M releases threat identification tool

DIY : LED Sneakers

DIY Temperature Logger With STM32F103, MicroSD Card and DS18B20

Engineers make wearable sensors for plants, enabling measurements of water use in crops

Falling in Stm32: Remote Control for Home Media Center

Machine Learning Provides a Bridge to the Texture of the Quantum World

Mobile Controlled Smart Home Automation

Network Lab

New 8th Gen Intel Core Processors with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics Offer 3x Boost in Frames per Second in Devices as Thin as 17 mm

Rewritable Wires Could Mean No More Obsolete Circuitry

Simple Arduino Based POV Display

Solar Weight-Based Plant Management With ESP32

Toothbrushtimer With the ATtiny13

Toyota Launches New Mobility Ecosystem and Concept Vehicle at 2018 CES

Ultrafine fibers have exceptional strength

Voice Controlled WiFi Car

Arduino Remote/wireless Programming and Test With Homemade Power Bank

Autonomous Control of RPM of Engine Using Feedback System From a IR Based Tachometer

Smart Car Working by Movement of the Finger

A More Realistic Electric Fireplace

AVR RFID — cloning RFID with only a ATTiny85 and an inductor

Birthday Alarm That’ll Run For 37 Years

Control a Lot of Servoes With Arduino!

Control Your Computer With Your Head!

DIY Circuit Playground Shields

DIY CNC Router Build (large Format 5x10ft, Rack and Pinion)

DIY Shock Sensor With a Speaker

FedEx employee from Tennessee discovers largest known prime number

First-of-its-Kind Chemical Oscillator Offers New Level of Molecular Control

How to Use L298n to Control Dc Motor With Arduino

Infrared Control 3 Channels CD4017

Leaving Flatland - Quantum Hall Physics in 4D

Next-gen flexible robots move and heal like us

Optimizing carbon nanotube electrodes

Physicists take first step toward cell-sized robots

Playback Recorder With Raspberry Pi

Python WebServer With Flask and Raspberry Pi

Quantum ‘spooky action at a distance’ becoming practical

QuickyBot - Small robot based on an arduino Nano board whith bluetooth and ultrasonic sensor

Rings of Saturn LED Music Visualizing Pendant Light

Simplifying VHDL Code: The Std_Logic_Vector Data Type

The Making of Biorelevant Nanomaterials

The research hardware in your video-game system

CircuitPython 2FA TOTP Authentication Friend

Four-dimensional physics in two dimensions

Lab unlocks secrets of nanoscale 3D printing

Laser Evaporation Technology to Create New Solar Materials

Linux Networking

Linux Security

Linux Servers

Linux Storage

Linux System Administration

Motor Management System for Hoisting Application Using Arduino Mega 2560 and IoT

New Lithium-Rich Battery Could Last Much Longer

Task List - Using Raspberry Pi and 7.5” E-paper Display

Temperature and Humidity Monitor

1.2V-25V/10A Adjustable Power Supply Using Power Op-Amp

A Voice-Controlled, Braille-Type Pattern Semaphore

Battery Checker With Temperature and Battery Selection

Bi-colors Matrix 32x32 Showing 256 Colors With Gif Pictures

Can computers help us synthesize new materials?

ESP8266 Wifi Controlled Robot

Lidar/Haptic Feedback Electronic Travel Aid

Pet Feeder Machine With RasPi and Telegram Bot

Quantum Radio May Aid Communications and Mapping Indoors, Underground and Underwater

RC Toy Car Using NRF24L01

RGB LED Adaptive Camouflage Using Ebot / Arduino

Scan Nearby Objects Using ARDUINO

Study resolves controversy about electron structure of defects in graphene

Supermassive black holes control star formation in large galaxies

Tweaking quantum dots powers-up double-pane solar windows

Arduino Balancing Game With Servos

CircuitPython 2.2.0 Released! #CircuitPython @adafruit

‘Kernel memory leaking’ Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign

LED Eclipse With Touch Sensors and MIDI

LTE Arduino GPS Tracker + IoT Dashboard

Maze Solving Robot (MicroMouse) \ Wall Following Robot

RGB Lamp Controlled Using Bluetooth

Voice Control Home Automation

Altimeter (altitude Meter) Based on Atmospheric Pressure

Calibrating My Servos

Customizable Project Box With Lid Screws and 2 Holes

Digital and Binary Clock with Two LED Matrix and RTC

Eggy, (scientific) Social Signal Pi Robot

Hot electrons heat up solar energy research

Measure Fuel Level With Arduino

WiFi Controlled Acrylic Lamp