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Interactive Neopixel Skigoogle, Rgb Is Life

Hello Makers, Now that 2017 is over, some volks hope that the hype about RGB ends, but I think 2018 will need a lot more of those little pixiedust emitters. ;)
And because of that and the fact that this year it’s the last my friends and I can join our school ski camp in Austria. I thought why not build the sickest Skigoogle ever, of course with Bluetooth, everything is better with Bluetooth and a Smartphone App to control it.
It is a simple but very tedious projekt, if you want to build your own you will need at least a day for building the mask, I will later explain why.
Sadly when I build this, I forgot to take some photos of the building process.
If you want to join the RGB ski club… please go on and follow my instruction,
else{ please enjoy the videos, the are very satisfying, at least some of them ;) }”

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