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ROME Clock

Hi everyone, In this Instructable, Ill show you how I built a Roman letter clock, that uses an 8 by 8 neopixel matrix. I just bought the ws2812b 88 led matrix for making an ordinary clock, but when I started the project I realised that I need a minimum of 5 led row for showing a single-digit. Because of this, I can only show either Hour digit or minute digit. This problem can be solved by using a 1010 or 10*8 neopixel matrix but it is not commonly available. So I thought about some software solutions, the first solution came across my mind was that avoiding the hour digit but it’s doesn’t make sense, so I thought about showing hour digit in a different way that’s a binary method but it may not understandable to everyone. Finally, I chose to show the hour digit in Roman letters and minute digit in ordinary digits. The clock is based on Arduino Nano and an RTC Module(DS1307) and it also consists of an hc05 Bluetooth module. And the clock is fully controlled by an android app created in the app-inventor. By using the app we can adjust the time set alarm, and we can show 8bit pixel emoji in the clock and some animation and also we can control the brightness of the led. In an upcoming update, I’ll bring some texts in the clock and will also update the boring UI of my android app.”

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