CarpeDiemAlarmClock is an alarm clock that is waking you up “gently” by gradually increasing the intensity of a NeoPixel LED-ring, before the alarm hits.

The alarm clock shall also has an option to sound a buzzer at alarm time.
User must be able to set clock and alarm time
The alarm clock will have at least the following modes: Alarm on/off, sound on/off, light on/off.
Time will be displayed with NeoPixel devices
Project extras

Serial commands / debugging
Display light shows / demos instead of clock time

Code is built with the Arduino core for an STM32F103C8 devboard, using the STM32duino tools.
FreeRTOS is used, with several tasks and semaphores.

STM32F103C8 devboard (Bluepill clone)
Adafruit NeoPixel 24-LED ring (show hour/minute, wake up, cool light shows)
Adafruit NeoPixel 8-LED strip (show seconds in binary format, and status)
DS3231 RTC Breakout board
HC-05 bluetooth module (for serial communication / app)
Joystick module (user input, setting alarm/time etc)”


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