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AUBO - an Open Source Autonomous Bot With Arduino

Clap On Lamp

Clap Switch ( 40 Claps in 5 Second)

DIY LCD Keypad Shield for Arduino Uno

Drone Race: Human Versus Artificial Intelligence

Exoplanet Has Smothering Stratosphere Without Water

Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Pure Carbon-Nanotube Sheets with World’s Top Heat-Dissipation Performance

Glass Hexagon LED Pixel Fixture

High-speed Quantum Encryption May Help Secure The Future Internet

How the Earth Stops High-Energy Neutrinos in Their Tracks

How to Check and Calibrate a Humidity Sensor

Improve Response Time to Critical System Events on CAN Networks with New 8-Bit MCU with Core Independent Peripherals


Key component to scale up quantum computing invented

Mapping the way for autonomous robots

Microwave-Based Test Method Can Help Keep 3-D Chip Designers’ Eyes Open

Monitoring activity in the geosynchronous belt

Nano-sensor measures tension of tissue fibres

NASA to Test Advanced Space Wireless Network and Device for Returning Small Spacecraft to Earth

New microscope sets a record for visualizing surface wetting properties

Particle Photon Salinity Meter

Pushing the limit

Raspberry Pi M&M Sorter

Researchers Inadvertently Boost Surface Area of Nickel Nanoparticles for Catalysis

Scientists watch diamond turn into graphite

SLAC-led Study Shows Potential for Efficiently Controlling 2-D Materials With Light

Smart plant alerts using nio, Raspberry Pi, and Twitter

Superconducting qubit 3d integration prospects bolstered by new research

Teaching Life a New Trick: Bacteria Make Boron-Carbon Bonds

The MagPI 64

The Ultimate Defense Against Hackers May Be Just A Few Atoms Thick

UDOO X86 Powered Enhanced Guitar

Ultrasonic Sensor to Measure Water Height

10 Year LED Flasher

A nanotransistor made of graphene

Announcing Amazon FreeRTOS – Enabling Billions of Devices to Securely Benefit from the Cloud

Artificial muscles give soft robots superpowers

Basic Arduino Earthquake Detector

Beetle with tiny computer backpack is world’s smallest cyborg insect, say NTU researchers

BricKuber Project a Raspberry Pi Rubiks Cube Solving Robot

CircuitPython Painter - POV DotStar Pixel Painter!

Discovery points the way to better and cheaper transparent conductors

Eco-friendly Waterborne Semiconductor Inks Using Surfactant

Endless Runner Game

Graphene oxide making any material suitable to create biosensors

HDMI Forum Releases Version 2.1 of the HDMI Specification

Hot Water Pump Recirculating Control System in a Solar Thermal Plate

Lightening Detector and Counter

Make a Rain Alert System with Raspberry Pi

Measure Soil Moisture With Sound Amplitudes

Nanobots pass first stage in ‘fantastic voyage’ from fiction to fact

NASA Builds its Next Mars Rover Mission

New 3-D printer is 10 times faster than commercial counterparts

Raspberry Pi Cellular Gateway

Samsung Starts Mass Production of its 2nd Generation 10nm FinFET Process Technology

Scientists demonstrate one of largest quantum simulators yet, with 51 atoms

Smart WareHouse/Control Shed/GreenHouse Monitoring

Transistor Radio Series - The 7 MHz Scratch Synthesizer

Ultralight axions are unlikely to be candidates for dark matter

What lies beneath: “PipeFish” robot patrols city pipes to detect underground water leaks

newelectronics de 28 Novembro 2017

Arduino nRF24L01 Wireless Weather Station

Arduino Ultrasonic Mobile Sonar

Automated Bonsai Watering (without Arduino)

Controlling spin for memory storage

Energy Meter Logger

ESP32 Clock Using WiFi, ESP-NOW, & Cellular

How to get sprayed metal coatings to stick

LED Control Using ESP8266 WiFi Module- Internet of Things

Let’s Make Robot - U-Bot

Mystery Box: NeoMatrix Mk I

New-wave spintronics comes to light

NUS scientists develop artificial photosynthesis device for greener ethylene production

Optoelectronics origami: An easy-to-make, double-duty curved image sensor

Quantum dots amplify light with electrical pumping

Sound Reactive WS2812 LEDs With Arduino and Sound Sensor

Spin current from heat: new material increases efficiency

The stacked color sensor

Ultrathin and Flat Graphene Metalenses Gain More Properties

UTC students’ research project controls drones using brainwaves

World-first: 3D printed tantalum knee joint implanted in a Chinese patient

Bluetooth Speaker W/ Music-Reactive LED Matrix

Control Position of DC Motor via Web Using PID Controller

Cycler433: exercise bike racing with a wireless wearable

Infra-Red Panel Timer

Not Just an Hour Timer

Photon Weather Display

Remote Control Bluetooth Light Switch

Weather Camera Raspberry Pi

Automatic 360° Photography Turntable

DIY Arduino Controlled Egg-Bot

Fox Advisor

Gesture Controlled Robotic Car

How Does It Work: DIY Relay Modules

Remote System Monitor

Voice Activated Arduino Blinds

A curious quirk brings organic diode lasers one step closer

Bridging the Gap

Designing New Metal Alloys Using Engineered Nanostructures

Enhancing the quantum sensing capabilities of diamond: Shooting electrons at diamonds can introduce quantum sensors into them

Make a Motorised Camera Slider

Parametric Box Maker

Quantum Biology: Superconducting Qubits Help to Explain Photosynthesis

The Official Raspberry PI Projects Book Volume 3

XY Plotter Drawing Robot | Arduino | Polargraph

3D printer makes first wearable ‘battery’

A faster way to make Bose-Einstein condensates

Advancing the Path to Organic Electronics Beyond Cell Phone Screens

AIY Voice Essentials

Chinese robot becomes world’s first machine to pass medical exam

Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266

HackSpace magazine #1


mbed OS 5.6.5 released

MIT researchers collaborate with Lamborghini to develop an electric car of the future

Poor man’s openscad screw library

Quantum Internet goes Hybrid

Siting Sierra: Lawrence Livermore’s newest and fastest supercomputer is taking shape

The Microscopic Origin of Efficiency Droop in LEDs

Turkey Temperature Tracker

Arduino Word Clock

Armed with tough computer chips, scientists are ready to return to the hell of Venus


Cat Feeder with ESP8266, Arduino and Telegram

Home Security With Embedded System

Make a Maze Runner Robot

New way to write magnetic info could pave the way for hardware neural networks

RGB Matrix + Spectrum Analyzer

Circuit Python IR Remote for Apple TV

Continuity Tester

Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Amplifier using LME49600

Hydrogen cars for the masses one step closer to reality, thanks to UCLA invention

LilyPad Safety Scarf

Physicists design $100 handheld muon detector

Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor Dazzles Scientists

Very Simple Line Follower for Beginners

Visor Mounted Multi-Colour LED Light Therapy Lamp

Arduino 8 Step Sequencer Keyboard

Arduino Nano to PIC40/28 Pin Shield

Berkeley startup to train robots like puppets

Control Home Appliance With Raspberry Pi Using Django

Dual-Band Guitar/Bass Compressor

DUO BOT : the First of Its Kind**

Game theory harnessed for cybersecurity of large-scale nets

How to Make an Ultrasonic Range Finder Using an LCD and Arduino

Marvell and Cavium to Combine Creating an Infrastructure Solutions Powerhouse

New Deposition Technique Puts the Heat on Silicon

New motion sensors a major step toward low-cost, high-performance wearable technology

Optically tunable microwave antennas for 5G applications

PID Controller, Auto-tuning Library And Example For DC Motor

Raspberry SPy Robot

Universal OpAmp Evaluation Board Using LMV321

Use HC-06 Bluetooth Module to Realize Micro:bit Communication With Mobile Phone

Water Tank Levels by WiFi on Your Phone

Zipping DNA

Complete Raspberry Pi / Nova Wireless Home Monitoring and Automation System …

How to Emulate a TV Remote or Else With Arduino Irlib

IoT Water Alarm

Make Your Own Solid State Relay

Making the Spielatron (Robotic Glockenspiel)

PIC Based LF and Avoiding Robot

The PotLock

Arduino Based Pulse Induction Detector - LC-Trap

China sets out long-term space transportation roadmap including a nuclear space shuttle

DIY Vending Machine – Arduino based Mechatronics Project

ESP32 WiFi Weather Station With a BME280 Sensor

How To Connect Arduino Industrial 101 to Cayenne

IoTrap: The Better Mousetrap

Leather Cube Lamp

Optical Isolated Single Wire Communication

Tele Operated Bionic Arm

Tesla Semi: 500-Mile Range, Cheaper Than Diesel, Quick to Charge

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group completes acquisition of Terrafugia Inc

Breakthrough could launch organic electronics beyond cell phone screens

Butterfly Wing Inspires Photovoltaics: Light Absorption Can Be Enhanced by Up to 200 Percent

Diagnosing supercomputer problems

Distance Measuring Sensor Shield for Arduino Nano Using GP2Y0D810Z0F

DIY Night Lamp Light Stand for Room Decor

Engineering of a Swedish quantum computer set to start

Fritz - Animatronic Robotic Head

Improving clinical trials with machine learning

Less is more to produce top-notch 2D materials

newelectronics de 14 Novembro 2017

Scalable clusters make HPC R&D easy as Raspberry Pi

Simple is Beautiful in Quantum Computing

Solar Soil Moisture Meter With ESP8266

Speedy Collision Detector Could Make Robots Better Human Assistants

Sunflower - Arduino Solar Tracker

Supercomputing Speeds Up Deep Learning Training

Three-Dimensional Nanomagnets for the computer of tomorrow

An acoustic cage for electrons

Arduino Voice Recognition Remote Control Car/Spider Robot/BB8… Nearly Everything

ATtiny85 And Shift Registers

Developing “ABCs” for Exploiting New Phenomena in Light-Matter Interactions

Essential quantum computer component downsized by two orders of magnitude

German University Hospital Mainz Pioneers Surgical Planning for Life-Saving Vascular Surgeries With 3D Printing

Graphene water filter turns whisky clear

Lava or Not, Exoplanet 55 Cancri e Likely to have Atmosphere

Method for enhancing superconductivity by laser irradiation

Molecular magnetism packs power with “messenger electron”

“Perfectly frustrated” metal provides possible path to superconductivity, other new quantum states

Photopolymerization-triggered molecular motion for flexible liquid crystal display

2 Amazing Ideas to Make LED Illusion Mirror- Easy Project Ideas

2 X AA Battery To 6V Boost Converter For Arduino Nano

Arduino - Balance - Balancing Robot | How to Make?

Arduino Nano Capacitance Meter

Arduino Wireless Power POV Display

Building a Solar Projector

Channeling helium: Researchers take next step toward fusion energy

Circuit Blocks in the Classroom

Control High-powered LED Panel by Arduino Real Time With Log Data, Luminosity Sensor, LCD Display

Double-duty textile developed by Stanford researchers could warm or cool

Engineers Create Stable Plasma Ring in Open Air


Industrial AI Robot

Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS Released: Check Out The New And Best Features

Nixie Clock on ESP8266 module

Parametric (Customizable) Radius Gauge

Quantum Computing with Molecules for a Quicker Search of Unsorted Databases

Raspberry Pi Wifi Controlled Video Streaming Robot

Sends a Sms With Temperatur on Time

Taming ‘dendrites’ could bring better lithium-ion batteries

The Pi Guardian

Trinity engineers unveil Ireland’s first prototype robot for assisted care

Use Bluetooth 4.0 HC-08 Module to Control Addressable LEDs - an Arduino Uno Tutorial

A drone for last-centimeter delivery

A simple soak for a solar tune-up

ESP8266 on batteries for years

Future robots won’t resemble humans – we’re too inefficient

How to build better silk

IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer

Imec designs and fabricates world-first miniature neural probe for simultaneous recording of multiple brain regions at neuronal resolution

LoRa Gateway for DeviceHive

Research drive could ‘untangle’ vexing problem in computer-simulation technology

Semiconductors with an aligned interface

Transfer Technique Produces Wearable Gallium Nitride Gas Sensors

Your HotSpot is a presence detector

Desktop Weather Station With WIFI

DIY Digital Clock Using Microcontroller (AT89S52 Without RTC Circuit)

ESP8266/Arduino MQTT Memo Minder W/LCD (AKA Teenage Gamer Attention Getter!)

Ford Pilots New Exoskeleton Technology To Help Lessen Chance Of Worker Fatigue, Injury

IoT Air Freshner (with NodeMCU, Arduino, IFTTT and

Mojitonator - Easy, Cheap, Small Hydroponic System

Set Up an ESP8266 Automatic Update Server

Spooky WiFi LED Halloween Picture (using ESP8266)

The World’s First Fibre-Optic Candle Clock

TWIST - Tweeting Weather Station

Wifi Two Triac Dimmer Board

A new bio-robot

A robotic spy among the fish

DIY Cable Stripper Machine for Recycling Copper Wires.

Don’t Panic: Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy, 17th Edition

Hard computing problem might be solvable only by quantum computers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Introduces Blockchain as-a-Service Solution for Enterprises

How to Build a Table Tennis Game With Wireless Controller

Intel Doubles Capacity of World’s Most Responsive Data Center SSD

kbord: Programmable Mechanical Keypad with RGB Backlight

Manchester leading the way in robotics and AI for nuclear industry

Marine Sponges & Novel Glass Technology

Massive Skin Replacement Saves Child’s Life

NUS-developed manta ray robot swims faster and operates up to 10 hours

PCB box generator

Raspberry Pi and Arduino Laptop

Researchers teach computer to recognize emotions in speech

Rigid vs. Flexible PCBs: Which One is Best for Your Next Project?

Room Automation for Kids

Soundlights with ESP8266 and NeoPixel Strip


Tap & Drag Robotic Vacuum

Vigenere Cipher With Arduino

Water Meter Automation

Waymo now testing its self-driving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel

WiFibonacci Clock

10 Bits Binary Counter

How to Build a Socket for ESP03 WiFi8266

IoT Food Feeder for Animals

Modifying a Robot FLR D2-2

New method developed to 3D print fully functional electronic circuits

Raspberry Pi Web-Controlled Robot With Video

Rocket man blasts into the history books at a world record-breaking 32mph - the fastest ever travelled by a jet suit

The next generation of power electronics? Gallium nitride doped with beryllium

Training Theo Jansen’s Mini BEEST

Two-dimensional materials unlock the path to ultra-low-power transistors

Using Flask to Send Data to a Raspberry Pi


72 Channels Serial To Parallel Driver Board Using 74HC595 & ULN2803

A new concept for a unidirectional waveguide

A ‘virtual wall’ that improves wireless security and performance

Additive manufacturing may hold key to transforming nanomaterials into multifunctional devices

Automatic Curtain With Arduino

Chilled Drinkibot

Computer Scientists Aid in Major Astronomical Discovery

Digital Wireless Security System

ESP32 BLE environmental gatt server

Fully integrated circuits printed directly onto fabric

General Purpose Arm – Robot that Transfers Physical Sensations

Highly Flexible Organic Flash Memory for Foldable and Disposable Electronics

Home Monitoring System for Elderly Persons

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Hybrid Circuit Combines Single-Photon Generator and Efficient Waveguides on One Chip

IR Communication in Swarming Robotics for Search and Rescue

Latest Single-Wire Serial EEPROM from Microchip Enables Remote Identification

Lightning-fast Communications

mbed OS 5.6.4 released

MCPU - Minimal CPU for a 32 Macrocell CPLD

Need Entangled Atoms? Get ‘Em FAST! With NIST’s New Patent-Pending Method

New Approach Uses Light Instead of Robots to Assemble Electronic Components

New engine optics to fuel future research

New quantum materials offer novel route to 3D electronic devices

Optoelectronics without glass

Phone Calling Arduino Robot Using Dtmf Decoder

Researchers develop flexible, stretchable photonic devices

Simple Weather Station with NodeMCU, Arduino and ThingSpeak

Synthetic material acts like an insect cloaking device

The invisible ink that can be made visible, then invisible, and visible again

Transforming fibrils into crystals

Weather Clock

$3 Alternative to Makey Makey

Artificial intelligence aids materials fabrication

Diffused light shows clear structures

Driving the focus stacking rail using a Raspberry Pi

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unveils the World’s Most Scalable and Modular In-Memory Computing Platform

Instructables View Counter

New Intel Core Processor Combines High-Performance CPU with Custom Discrete Graphics from AMD to Enable Sleeker, Thinner Devices

Quantum computing on the move

Researchers Develop Data Bus for Quantum Computer

Traffic Counting System Based on OpenCV and Python

Uber’s ‘flying cars’ could arrive in LA by 2020 — and here’s what it’ll be like to ride one

Ultrafast magnetic reversal points the way toward speedy, low-power computer memory

View Dashboards Emoncms & ESP8266 + Arduino #IoT

Air Quality Monitor - Using a Mobile Phone Package Box

S80186: 16-bit 80186 compatible IP core

Spot Welder 1-2-3 Arduino Firmware

A powerful duo

Arduino I2C Sniffer

Beyond 5G – after the next generation

Controlling your Raspberry Pi with Telegram CLI

Four-Channel Thermometer on OLED display

Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials

High Voltage Capacitor Charger for Photo-Flash Using LT3751

How to Interface an Ultrasonic Sensor with an LCD Using a Microcontroller Dev Kit

How to store information in your clothes invisibly, without electronics

LED Acrylic & Wood Cube Lights

Lightwave controlled nanoscale electron acceleration sets the pace

Nanoscale ‘abacus’ uses pulses of light instead of wooden beads to perform calculations

New techniques for removing carbon from the atmosphere

New Theory Addresses How Life on Earth Arose from the Primordial Muck

Scientists create magnetic system that transforms heat into motion

Selecting the Right Sensor for Arduino Projects

SIGHT: For the Blind

Telegram Bot with ESP8266

Tic Tac Toe ( 3 in a Row )

Bounce-Free Rotary Encoder

Control your Computer with Hand Gestures using Arduino

ESP 8266 Controlling Hot Water Circulation Pump

Flex Sensor Glove

Fooling Neural Networks w/3D-Printed Objects

High-Speed Motion Core Technology for Magnetic Memory

Made a Radar Station by Using Arduino

newelectronics de 24 Outubro 2017

NREL, University of Washington Scientists Elevate Quantum Dot Solar Cell World Record to 13.4 Percent

Poor Man’s Google Glass/Aid for Those With Tunnel Vision

Scientists penetrate mystery of raging black hole beams

Scientists take important step with self-folding objects

Self-sufficient Dome

Sony’s Aibo robot dog is back, gives us OLED puppy dog eyes

Vice mechanical v2.0

View the chemical reactions of nanostructures live

Voice over WI-FI with ESP8266

VR Camera: FPGA Stereoscopic 3D 360 Camera

We may have found 20 habitable worlds hiding in plain sight

Cheap And Easy Picaxe Robot Board With Serial Cable

Internet of Things: LoRa Weather Station

Lab researchers achieve breakthrough in 3D printed marine grade stainless steel

LED Controlled by 3D Gesture Sensor

Next Mars Rover Will Have 23 ‘Eyes’

Separating Chemicals With Magnets

The hidden Nano Power Switch

Voltage-driven Liquid Metal Fractals

Watering System