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A lot of people want to start building robots but dont know how to start and what to build first. Some time ago I have made a very simple robot for beginners that avoids obstacles, a lot of people like this project so much that I have decided to make a second version of this project. This time we will make a line follower robot, thats very popular type of robot that is a little bit more sophisticated than object avoiding one. You can even see line followers on robotic competitions, check it out on YouTube, they are so fast! Our robot wouldnt be so fast it will be like a introduction to robotics, just to let you make your first robot and get some knowledge to build better ones in the future. I promise to keep things as simple as possible to let everyone make it and understand it. Before we begin lets answer one question, what is a line follower? Thats the robot that follows the line thanks to sensors on the bottom of it it recognize line that is black and decide whether it should turn right or left or maybe just go forward.”

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