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Robots are getting everywhere. From industrial applications to underwater and space exploration. But my favorite ones are those used for fun and entertainement! In this project a DIY robot was designed to be used for entertainment in children’s hospitals, bringing some fun to the kids. The project is focused in sharing knowledge and promoting technological innovation to assist NGOs that carry out charitable work in children’s hospitals.
This instructable shows how to design a remotely operated humanoid robot, controlled over a Wi-Fi network, using an Arduino Uno connected to an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. It uses some servomotors form head amd arms movements, some DC motors for moving small distances, and a face made of LED matrices. The robot can be controlled from an ordinary internet browser, using a HTML designed interface. An Android smartphone is used to broadcast video and audio from the robot to operator’s control interface.
The tutorial shows how the structure of the robot was 3D printed and assembled. Electronic circuit are explained, and Arduino code is detailed, so that anyone can replicate the robot.”

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