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Arduino ESP32 All in One Robot (Obstacle Avoiding, Line Tracking, Following, Real Time Video)

Hi, after several night spent to do robots I decided to share with you my last job. An Arduino/ESP32 based robot that is able to avoid obstacle, track lines, follow and show real-time video from a camera.

This robot cab be controlled through Bluetooth (connected to Arduino) or WIFI (ESP32 board connected to Arduino).

I hope to do a step by step guide on making this robot in a very easy way.

An obstacle avoiding robot is a fully autonomous robot which can be able to avoid any obstacle which it faces when it moves. Simply, when it met an obstacle while it’s moving forward, automatically stop moving forward and makes a step back. Then it looks it’s two sides left & right and starts to move the best possible way, which means either in left direction if there is another obstacle in right or in right direction if there is another obstacle in left side. The obstacle avoiding robot is very helpful and it is the base of many large projects such as Automatic cars, robots used in Manufacturing factories, even in robots used in spacecrafts.

A line tracking robot use some infrared proximity sensors to detect the line and based on input received from the sensors, the Arduino will direct the motors to move with the help of a motor drive.

A Following robot use proximity sensors that can detect any object near it and can follow this object. If you come in front of the robot it will start following you. this robot consists ultrasonic sensor and ir sensor which help to follow the object. This is like the obstacle avoiding robot only but opposite in the working. It used 2 IR sensors and an ultrasonic sensor. IR sensors used to follow the human or object and ultrasonic sensor is used to move back the robot.

A Bluetooth Robot can be controlled through a Bluetooth device connected to Arduino. I developed an Android App that can control robot direction and activate action mode.

ESP32 board can transmit real-time video through WIFI. I developed an Android App where you can see real-time video during robot movement. You can use the robot as an IOT device.”

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