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This instructable details how to make a small quadruped robot using 3D printed parts. It is designed to be compact, simple, and inexpensive to build. This project uses an Arduino Uno as the microcontroller. In this instructable you will find complete 3D model files, Arduino programs, and instructions needed to replicate (and hopefully improve upon) this project for yourself!
For a few years I’ve wanted to make a quadruped robot, having been very much inspired by the extraordinary robots of Boston Dynamics (in particular the ‘Spot’). Being in lockdown, I’m lucky to have some time on my hands, and so when less than four weeks ago a friend mentioned to me that there was a 3D-Printing contest, I thought this was a great excuse to try and design a robo-dog for myself!
I hope you enjoy reading this instructable, and I look forward to seeing any comments you may have, and possibly even some others attempting this build for themselves. Thank you.

Please note:

Some care needs to be taken when following this instructable. There is some risk posed by the use of a 3D printer, soldering iron, craft knife/scalpel, superglue, and fire due to battery short-circuit. There are however no dangerous voltages used in this project, and no prior electrical experience is required.
This instructable will describe to you how to build an exact replica of my own build, but see the penultimate step ‘Potential Improvements’ for things I might have done better/differently with hindsight. I’d like to build a second robot incorporating these changes, but you may wish to build these into your first build yourself if you wish.

Please also note:

GoodBoy robot cannot be expected to come when called.
GoodBoy robot not tested in conjunction with cats, squirrels, or rabbits.
GoodBoy robot not prone to ticks, lice, etc., but owners should be careful to not subject the dog to code bugs.
The author of this instructable does not hold himself responsible if
your real dog becomes scared of their imminent technological redundancy.”

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