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A multi functional Arduino UNO based obstacle avoidance with Ultrasonic sensor and table edge detection using IR sensors.

We name it RobotO. This is the version 3 so it is RobotO.3. Let’s introduce, RobotO.3 is an Arduino UNO based object avoidance and Table edge detection or fall prevention robot which uses HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors in order to detect obstacle and IR Sensor Module in order to detect edge to prevent fall from the table.

RobotoO.3is the third iteration of RobotO series so it has many features. So basically it can run in two mode. One is automatic mode and second one is manual mode controlled by Android mobile via Bluetooth. It uses HC-05 Bluetooth module for communication.

Manual Mode:
By default is a manual mode or we can send the command mo:0 via mobile through the RobotO App or any Arduino controller app to put it into manual mode. In this mode, It can be controlled via RobotO App like in forward, left, right and reverse direction. We can control speed, direction and also play melody/ horn.

Automatic Mode:
By sending mo:1 command we can put it into automatic mode. In this mode, It takes automatic decision based on sensors data. If obstacle detected in his path it gives horn if obstacle removed, It continue moving in same direction if not it turn left or right by checking left and right way using servo 9g motor and ultrasonic. If all the direction get blocked by obstacle then it stops and play melody!

Main Features:
Mode: Automatic and Remote control

Obstacle detection capabilities

Fall prevention or Table edge detection

Plays horn and melody.

Speed control”

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