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Over the years as technology advanced and grew at a tremendous pace, so did the horizon of ideas and creation in our mind. If we look a few years back, a teenager like me would dare think about creating a robot that would operate listening to their voice and follow the given commands. All they could do was dream about making such a fancy robot and let the idea pass from their mind. But with the help of today’s technology, those great ideas are no more left being dreams but are coming true. Having not to deal anymore with complex circuits, Arduino gives us a very simple approach into building projects that were once impossible to make unless you were a genius and had all the materials required into making such a project.
In this Instructables, I have accomplished a project that was once a dream to me. With the help of materials and components that I found lying around in my house, I ended up making this simple yet fascinating voice controlled robot with the help of an Arduino UNO.

In order to make this project, you’ll need to gather the materials mentioned below. They are easily found at a nearby local electronic shop or simply purchase them online.

Electronic components:

Arduino UNO - 1x
L293D motor driver - 1x
Servo motor (MG995) - 1x
DC gear motor - 4x
HC-05 bluetooth module - 1x
Ultrasonic distance sensor - 1x
Mini breadboard - 1x
3.7v LiPo battery - 2x
Jumper wires

Chassis - 1x
Rubber wheels - 4x

Soldering iron
Double sided tape (or you can use hot glue if you have a glue gun)
Scotch tape

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