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Pushing over dominoes is a satisfying activity with an excellent visual effect, but first, we need to stack and align the small pieces manually, which is a very long and tedious process.

We have a solution, we built a robot which does just that! The DSB is a robot that stores dominoes and then stack them in a shape that you define previously. You just have to turn it on and there we go! This will allow you to have all the fun of pushing the dominoes over without the hassle and time investment of stacking them yourself.

The materials you will need for this project are:

- Arduino UNO
- Battery (12V)
- Battery (5V) (or anything that can power the arduino)
- sg90 servo motor (180 degrees)
- 2 Stepper motors - we used this one
- 2 Line sensors
- Switch - we used this one
- Push button (diameter = 12.5 mm)
- 2 LEDs with different colors
- Castor wheel (diameter = 30 mm) - we used this one
- 2 standard wheels(diameter = 62 mm) - we used this one
- Resistors (resistance depends on which colour LEDs you use)
- Jumper wires
- Bolts and nuts (M3 and M4)
- Black tape

You will also need the following to produce the physical components:

- CAD software - we used Autodesk Inventor; not strictly required but useful if you want to make changes
- Laser cutter
- PLA filament
- 3D Printer

The estimated price to realise this project is €108. Of course, if you already have some of the components, the price will be lower. In attachment you can find the bill of materials & prices for each component.”

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