The IOToilet is the first smart toilet paper holder, that keeps track of our daily usage of toilet paper and allows accumulating stats showing these metrics. And why should I care about my daily usage of toilet paper you may ask? Well, as it turns out, our abdominal health, especially the digestion cycle, has a lot to do with both our physical health and our mental one. For example, here’s a nice TED talk (one of quite a few, by the way) that elaborates on this subject:…
I was initially commissioned to build 10 units of this device for a branding agency, whose clip you can see above (2nd location), for a purposed marketing campaign for a large company. At the beginning, I dismissed the idea as one coming from an another over-creative mind desperately trying to win a client account, but gradually it grew on me, until I realized the value of the information collected through this device.
The build was based on an existing piece of hardware my client got from EBay, a voice recording device encapsulated in a toilet paper holder. It had the right form factor and all the needed peripherals already built in, such as a speaker, a movement sensor to trigger the device, springs to hold the toilet paper itself, battery compartment, and an on-off switch, so I gladly opted using this ready made rather than modeling and printing my own.”


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