In this Instructable, we will make a tele operated bionic arm, which is a robotic arm similar to human hand with six degrees of freedom (five for figures and one for wrist). It is controlled with human hand using a glove which have flex sensors attached for finger feedback and IMU for wrist angle feedback.
These are the key features of the hand:
A robotic hand with 6 degrees of freedom: Five for each finger controlled by strings attached to servo and wrist movement again done using a servo.As all the degrees of freedom are controlled using a servo, we don’t need extra sensors for feedback. Flex sensors: Five flex sensors are attached to a glove. These flex sensors gives the feedback to micro-controlled which is used to controlled the bionic arm. IMU: IMU is used for getting wrist angle of the hand. Two evive (Arduino based micro-controllers) are used: One attached to the glove to get wrist angle and flex movement and other is attached to the bionic arm which controls the servos. Both evive communicate with each other using Bluetooth. Two extra degrees of freedom is given to give the bionic arm X and Z plane movement, which can further be programmed to accomplish complex task like PICK AND PLACE ROBOTS.The two extra motion is controlled using a joystick.As now you have got a brief idea what we have done in this bionic arm, let go through each step in detail.”


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