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Nunchuk Controlled Robotic Arm (With Arduino)

Robotic arms are awesome! Factories all over the world have them, where they paint, solder and carry stuff with precision. They can also be found in space exploration, subsea remote operated vehicles, and even in medical applications!
And now you can have a cheaper version of them at your own home, office or lab! Tired of doing a repetitive job? Program your own robot to help you… or to mess things up! :D
In this tutorial I show you how to mount a robotic arm, and how to program it using an Arduino Mega. For this project I also wanted to experience a different method for controlling a robotic arm: using a Nintendo Nunchuk! They are cheap, easy to find, and have a bunch of sensors.
There are several ways you can use this tutorial. If you don’t have a robotic arm kit (and doesn’t want to buy or build one) you can still use it to learn something about Arduino programming, and how to interface an Wii Nunchuk to your own projects. You can also use it to practice your electronics and mechanic skills.”

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