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Robotic Arm Ft. Arduino Mega, TheGHIZmo, Aarav G

This project consists on building and programming a robotic arm able of performing movements manually by joystick control and repeating recorded movements, all controlled by an Arduino Mega. The main reason for using the Arduino Mega is because of its large number of I/O pins plus extra GND and VCC sockets.
The robotic arm can etiher be operated directly through the Manual Mode or reproduced an Automated programmed movement or even a Party move .
This project has arisen for the development of the final practice of the subject of Creative Electronics, a subject belonging to the University of Malaga (UMA), School of Telecommunications.
The whole project has been carried out by Clara Rubio Almagro, Laura Snchez Snchez and Daniel Bazo Correa, students of Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Mlaga .
The main idea, the structure of the robotic arm, the starting code and the tools/utilities can be found in this link.
In order to unify content, manage document versions, code and so on, we have decided to create a GitHub repository. Link.


The necessary components are:

A microcontroller. In this case, an Arduino Mega. Although any other microcontroller with enough pins or adding some expansion board would be valid, link.
A voltage regulator 5 V for the motors, link.
2 joysticks for manual control, link.
LCD screen with which to visualize the behaviour of the robot (the state in which we are), link.
4 servomotors, link.
4 buttons, link.
And we also need the robot parts, which have been printed in 3D.
A few screws, nuts and washers.”

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