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Arduino Controlled Robotic Arm W/ 6 Degrees of Freedom

I am a member of a robotics group and each year our group participates in an annual Mini-Maker Faire. Beginning in 2014, I decided to build a new project for each year’s event. At the time, I had about a month before the event to put something together and had no idea what I wanted to do.
A fellow member posted a link to “an interesting open source robotic arm build” that peaked my interest. The plans were just an arm with no controls or a controller. Considering my time constraints, it seemed like a really good starting point. The only problem was that I had really no tools to get started.
With the help of some of the group members, I was able to get the acrylic parts cut and sent to me as well as the two 3D printed parts shown below. Combined with some overnight hardware orders and several trips to the local hardware store, I completed a working project the night before the event!
As is usually the case, there is more to the story and several incarnations to the build that has been condensed to what you see below.”

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