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Arduino DIY 6x6 Matrix T-shirt

Welcome to my first instructables! I want to show you how I made my own LED matrix T-shirt for about 50 and how to show nice animations and pictures on it using the fantastic LED matrix control software by Tyler Jones. At first I did an 6x8 pixel matrix, but later I changed to 6x6 sice it would’t work with the LMCS. I am writing this Instrucables after I had it done, so please be excuse me for missing photos. The T-shirt is even washable, you can take the LED strips out. If you have any questions please let me know!

You will need the following components:

- T-shirt in your size (better take a bigger one so you can wear it longer if you are still younger): 10€
- WS2812b LED strip, I used a strip with 30 LEDs per meter and a total of 60 LEDs: 20€
- some female pin headers: 2€
- nonwoven for holding the LED strip: 2€
- Male/male jumper cables, depending on how many pixels you want to use: 3€
- Arduino with USB cable (UNO): 5€
- for the shield: Prototype shield, 3 position screw terminal, USB-B breakout board, 330 ohm resistor, 1000uF capacitor 7€
- Powerbank for cellphones (about 4000mAh, the more the better): 15€
- some kind of housing for the control unit

The following tools are helpful/necessary:

- soldering tools (iron, pliers, cutter…)
- scissors
- small saw and sand paper to cut the headers
- sew tools for the LED strip holder”

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