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Music / hand controlled led strip with arduino

Control a led strip with an ultrasonic sensor, set the color with your hand, or switch modes and let the music control it!

3 modes:
Mode A: distance controlled led strip, meaning, based on the distance reading of the sensor, it adjusts the hue of the led strip. The scale goes from 20 cm from the sensor, to 60 cm. And when we hold our hand between 65 and 80 cm, it switches modes, so we can adjust the value / brightness.

Mode B: This mode reacts to sound via the microphone. This has two modes ad well, the first when it bounces up and down, and the second is when all the leds are on, and it varies the brightness. It switches modes if we hold our hand between 20 cm and 80 cm.

Mode C: In this mode it is controlled by the photometer, and it is programmed so the more light is recieves, the less the LED strip will shine, so it tries to balance out the light in the room. (It can be reversed: more light on it -> the brighter the LED strip)”

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