DIY Intelligent Autonomus Robot (Electronic Pet) /w Arduino

I love every kind of robots especially the autonomus or intelligent robots, that have a bit more intelligence than avoiding an obstacle. So I decided that I’ll build my own inexpensive intelligent robot that has a build in camera, distance sensors, light sensor, sound sensor, lights, solar charger, battery level sensor, IR sensor and arms (that can hold or push anything) and with the help of these sensors and the software this robot became highly intelligent. This four wheel drived robot behaves like a real pet. :) With its solar panel can charge up the build in batteries at any time, when is discharged, then moves away automatically to explore the world with its FPV camera. Well isn’t as smart like a cat, it’s more similar to a MARS rover, but can react to sounds and with his arms and sensors can deliver anything automatically. Yes, can deliver tiramisu…”


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