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Maverick - Remote Controlled Bidirectional Communication Car

Hey everybody I’m Razvan and welcome to my Maverick project.
Ive always liked remote controlled things, but I never had a RC car. So I decided to build one which can do a little bit more than just move. For this project we will use some parts which are accessible to everyone who has an electronic store nearby or can buy things from internet.
Im currently onboard a vessel and I dont have access to different kind of materials and tools so this project will not include a 3d printer, CNCs or any fancy devices (even I think it will be very useful but I dont have access to such equipment), it will be done with much simpler tools available. This project is meant to be easy and fun.
How does it work?
Maverick is a RC car which is using the LRF24L01 Module to send and receive data from and to the remote controller.
It can measure temperature and humidity from his area and send the data to the remote controller to be displayed on a graph. Also it can measure distance to surrounding objects and obstacles, sending the range information to be displayed.
By a push of a button it can also be autonomous, and in this mode it will avoid obstacles and it will decide were to go according to the measurement taken by the ultrasonic sensor.”

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