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A robot which is supposed to work in an agriculture field has manual and automatic movement, control pests and deploy fertilizer.

Crop monitoring and controlling system is a project which is supposed to work on agriculture fields. The robot is controlled through mobile application build on MIT App inventor. The robot has reduced the human effort by working autonomously. The robot consist of multiple features. firstly it will give real tie readings of temperature, humidity and soil moisture sensors which will later be saved in form of google sheet to maintain the record of data. Secondly there is camera fitted on robot which will be giving live visualization. More over the main features and control of pests and fertilizer deployment. The pests spray will be fitted on robot, when the farmer will switch the button on on the customized mobile application the robot will move automatically and spray throughout the field. In fertilizer deployment when the ultrasonic sensor will detect plant it will deploy liquid fertilizer to specific plant so that fertilizer will not be wasted.”

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