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Defeat nRF24L01 in three steps

A simple method for connecting nRF24L01 radio modules over the air is proposed.

The nRF24L01+ RF transceiver module has a long range with low power consumption. Long range and low power consumption determine the widespread use of radio modules in mobile devices. However, many users have difficulty connecting modules over the air. The problems are evidenced by multi-page discussions in various technical forums. I am also not one of those lucky ones who easily managed to link radio modules. The proposed method makes it easy to communicate between modules and achieve a high quality of communication.

nRF24L01+ modules operate in half duplex mode. It’s like talking on a walkie-talkie. Each of the correspondents at some point in time either speaks or listens. That is, each of the two nodes operates in the mode of both the receiver and the transmitter: the transmitter, having sent a message, waits for confirmation of receipt of the message from the receiver.

All the tests that I met on the Internet come down to checking the operation and communication quality of a pair of radio modules in full-function mode, when the transmitter, having sent a packet, waits for confirmation of receipt of the packet by the receiver.

I have divided this task into several simple tasks. First, the modules are checked for serviceability and correct connection (step 1), then one of the pair of serviceable radio modules is checked for operationin the transmitter mode, without waiting for a response from the other node (step 2), and the last step is to improve the quality of communication in this bundle of transceivers (step 3).”

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