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One thing I’ve wanted to try is wireless MIDI. I know you can get MIDI over Bluetooth (there are some rather neat commercial “wireless 5-pin MIDI” adaptors you can buy) and I believe people have used MIDI over Wi-Fi by using ipMIDI (“MIDI over Internet Protocol”).

But I’ve had some cheap nrf24L01 radios for a while and so far have not done anything with them yet, so I thought I’d try to use them as a MIDI link.

As with my I2C experiments, this is a very early (read draft, use-at-your-own-risk, very likely to change) implementation of an RF24 transport for the Arduino MIDI Library.

Parts list
2x Arduino Uno, Nano, or similar_
2x NRF24L01 radio modules

Optional: 8 ohm speaker or old headphone speaker_
Optional: 1x 220Ω resistor

Optional: Arduino MIDI Interface_
Breadboard and jumper wires”

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