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1 million laser zaps on Mars: ChemCam and SuperCam celebrate an impressive milestone

3V to 5V DC Output Step-Up DC-DC Converter using MAX668 V

81 LED Chaser - 555 Project V

A new, inexpensive catalyst speeds the production of oxygen from water

A New Library for Network Optimization

A new platform for customizable quantum devices

All About ITMO Researchers’ Latest Advances in Wireless Power Transfer

Arduino based Digital Audio FM Radio using RDA5807 V

Arm introduces new automotive image signal processor to advance adoption of driver assistance and automation technologies

Bad Apple on 32K EEPROM V

Breakthrough in Cathode Chemistry Clears Path for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries’ Commercial Viability

Classify Music Genre with Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense V

Colossal black holes locked in cosmic dance at heart of galaxy

Cutting Through the Noise

cwymriad V

Dave’s RP2040 Multitimer V

Entanglement unlocks scaling for quantum machine learning

Evidence for Exotic Magnetic Phase of Matter

From the streets to the stratosphere: clean driving technology enables cleaner rocket fuel

Industry’s First Automotive-Qualified Gen 4 PCIe® Switches Enable Autonomous Driving Ecosystem

Intel Expands Mobile Leadership, Brings Enthusiast Performance to Thin-and-Light Laptops

Intel Launches Xeon D Processor Built for the Network and Edge

Let’s Build Some World Class Hydrophones V

Low-cost, 3D printed device may broaden use of focused ultrasound technique

Mailbox Bot 1 .0 | IoT for the lazy V

Mini AGV as a Gas Decomposer using Fan with PID Control

More sensitive X-ray imaging

Nanoantennas for light controlled electrically

NASA’s Perseverance Celebrates First Year on Mars by Learning to Run

New Material Offers Remarkable Combo of Toughness and Stretchiness

New power sources

Nexperia expands its portfolio of ESD protection solutions for automotive ethernet

Northrop Grumman Sends NASA Science, Cargo to International Space Station

Perfecting the EV battery recycling process

Perovskites used to make efficient artificial retina

Physicists observe an exotic “multiferroic” state in an atomically thin material

Pico Railway Clock V

Renesas Develops Bluetooth Low Energy RF Transceiver Technologies that Simplify Board Design, Reduce Circuit Size and Increase Power Efficiency

Revealing New States in 2D Materials

Robotic cubes shapeshift in outer space V

Self-healing materials for robotics made from ‘jelly’ and salt

Simple to build High Power PEMF Therapy Device V

STMicroelectronics transforms digital vision with the market’s first 0.5Mpixel depth image sensor

Surrey research is helping to usher in safe, low-carbon electricity generated by nuclear fusion

The MagPi 115

The RangePi made easier to connect LoRa network V

TinyML: Live Image Classification on ESP32-CAM and TFT V

Toshiba Launches Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode that Protects High-Frequency Antennas of IoT Devices from ESD

Transparent ultrasound chip improves cell stimulation and imaging

Turning PPE into water: sounds like a miracle?

UH Researchers Develop 3D Imaging Technique to Understand How Dendrites Form in Batteries

USTC Scientists Break Quantum Key Distribution Record Over 830-km Optical Fibers

Versatile ‘Nanocrystal Gel’ Could Enable Advances in Energy, Defense and Telecommunications

World’s Smallest Battery Can Power Computers with the Size of a Grain of Dust

4x4 Colour Dot Puzzle

A new upper limit on the mass of neutrinos

Akurobatto V

Algorithm could shorten quality testing, research in many industries by months

Arduino Chronograf V

Arduino RF24 MIDI Interface V

Berkeley Lab Researchers, Computational Facilities Play Key Role in Barrier-Breaking Neutrino Mass Measurement

Blocking microgrid cyberattacks to keep the power flowing V

Can the Salton Sea geothermal field prevent the coming lithium shortage?

CylinDraw! a Cup-Specific Plotter & Engraver V

DIY Filament Dry Box V

DIY Precise Arduino Anemometer with Linear Scale - DFRobot V

Easy Light Board

Electron conspiracy in a Japanese lattice pattern: kagome metals baffle science

EPFL and DeepMind use AI to control plasmas for nuclear fusion

Fusion materials research powered by new DOE funding

HackSpace magazine #52

High Current MOSFET Based Power Switch with Gate Driver V

Holistic contextual AI-based document processing

Infrared remote control clone utility V

Intel to Acquire Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 Billion

ITMO Researchers Create Light-Controlled Antenna for Fast and Secure 5G Data Transfer

JILA Atomic Clocks Measure Einstein’s General Relativity at Millimeter Scale

NGI advances graphene spintronics as 1D contacts improve mobility in nano-scale devices

Obstacles Avoiding Smart Car Using Arduino

PendulumSynth V

Penkesu Computer - A Homebrew Retro-style Handheld PC

Photocatalysis: the Nano-Sponge Revolution

Photons Received: Webb Sees Its First Star – 18 Times V


Privacy Respecting Nanoleaf Replacement Light Panels V

Pseudo Phase Locked Loop with Arduino and X9C104 pot

Quantum errors made more tolerable

Renesas and AVL Software and Functions Collaborate on Customer Support for Functional Safety to Develop Automotive ECUs That Comply with ISO 26262

Researchers Combine Piezoelectric Thin Film and Metasurfaces to Create Lens with Tunable Focus

Researchers create molecule that can pave way for mini-transistors

Should we ban killer robots?

Single Key Touch Sensor using LM2907 V

Stanford scientists combine AI and atomic-scale images in pursuit of better batteries

STMicroelectronics’ “Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit” Integrates Brains into Sensors to Launch Onlife Era

Strong magnets put new twist on phonons

Superfluids provide new insight into turbulence

The 603-200 watch V

The University of Sussex scientists advancing liquid electronics

Thermal Image Anomaly Detection with TinyML V

TshWatch - Not yet another esp32 watch :)

Two-dimensional material could store quantum information at room temperature

UChicago scientists create strange quantum ‘domain walls’ in laboratory

Ultraprecise atomic clock poised for new physics discoveries

Uncovering unexpected properties in a complex quantum material

Vectron VGA Plus Text Mode

World’s smallest SD card level translator from Nexperia has 40% smaller footprint V

A new electrolyte for greener and safer batteries

AIM65 lookalike computer from scratch

An Arduino-based USB interface to the Psion Organiser II V

Applying the butterfly principle

Astra launch of NASA-sponsored cubesats fails V

Cornell software enables 3D printing on space station

Creating a better plastic

Digital sovereignty: Commission proposes Chips Act to confront semiconductor shortages and strengthen Europe’s technological leadership

Dual High-Side Switches from STMicroelectronics Add Extra Flexibility for Driving Capacitive Loads

ESP32 internet radio with I²S DAC

Focus on organic transistors for health sensors within living organisms

Fusion energy record demonstrates powerplant future

Future gravitational wave detector in space could uncover secrets of the Universe

Geomagnetic Storm And Recently Deployed Starlink Satellites V

HID-compliant Auxiliary LCD Display for PC

Light could boost performance of fuel cells, lithium batteries, and other devices


Make Esp8266 Mood Light

Make Tripwire Security Alarm Using Arduino

Make Your Own Circuit Module (CD4515 Decoder) V

Making a 2WD Arduino Vehicle Drive Straight V

Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 19th flight after historic Red Planet weather delay

MicroMaster Mini V

Mutating Quantum Particles Set in Motion

NASA Telescope Spots Highest-Energy Light Ever Detected From Jupiter

New insight into unconventional superconductivity

New plant-derived composite is tough as bone and hard as aluminum

New soft robot morphs from a ground to air vehicle using liquid metal

Nordic launches nRF21540 Development Bundle for product development with 2.4 GHz wireless range extension

O3-enabled BLE Weather Station Predicting Air Quality w/ TF

Password Vault V3.0

Perovskite research advances offer new possibilities for devices such as solar cells

PiCalc: Raspberry Pi Pico Based Pocket Calculator V


Predicting Superconductor Crystal Structures with Computer Simulations

Rare earth elements await in waste V

Raspberry Pi 4 - Multiple SPIs

Relay Shield PCB Design Useful for IoT Applications

Researchers use tiny magnetic swirls to generate true random numbers

Scientists develop fully woven, smart display

Scientists discover a mysterious transition in an electronic crystal

Speeding through nanowire

Stacks - A16-Bit Breadboard Processor

Stanford engineers create a catalyst that can turn carbon dioxide into gasoline 1,000 times more efficiently

Study raises new possibilities for triggering room-temperature superconductivity with light

Super-elastic High-Entropy Elinvar Alloy Discovered with Potential for Aerospace Engineering V

Supercomputer and Quantum Simulations Solve a Difficult Problem of Materials Science

Surrey’s new flexible and stretchy supercapacitors could boost “battery” life for Internet of Things

Telescoping Pole Extension Sensing Methods - Photoresistor V

The Ping Clock

The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Robot (v2.0)

Tiny electrical vortexes bridge gap between ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials

Tiny, reusable sensing chip could lead to new point-of-care medical tests

Toshiba Launches Hall Sensorless Sine-wave Drive Three-phase Brushless DC Motor Control Pre-driver IC that Helps to Reduce Vibration and Noise

Toshiba Releases New MOSFET Gate Driver IC that Will Help to Reduce Device Footprints

Triangulum - 3D Printed 3-Hand Clock

Using the universe’s coldest material to measure the world’s tiniest magnetic fields

With a Little Help, New Optical Material Assembles Itself

1,000-cycle lithium-sulfur battery could quintuple electric vehicle ranges

2D material in three dimensions

A new method for quantum computing

Air Football V

All In One Arduino PCB Board Design

All-purpose Power Micro Controller

Almost 500-mile-long lightning bolt crossed three US states V

Arduino Race Timer, Lap Counter, and Controller V

Bristol scientists develop insect-sized flying robots with flapping wings V

Cat Prank

Cooling matter from a distance V

DIY 60W PD Power Bank With Arduino Real Time Battery Info Display

DIY Wio Terminal Spectrum Analyzer (Arduino IDE) V

DNA sample analysis times dramatically reduced thanks to new file format

Dual Gate Drivers from STMicroelectronics Optimize and Simplify SiC and IGBT Switching Circuits

ESP32 based Desktop Clock

Following Webb’s Arrival at L2, Telescope Commissioning Set to Begin

Hex Infinity Mirror Pendant V

Invisible machine-readable labels that identify and track objects V


Machine learning fine-tunes flash graphene

Molecular machine in nano cage

Multifunctional rc transmitter using arduino

Multilingual blink for Raspberry Pi Pico

Necroware’s GamePort Adapter

New lightweight material is stronger than steel

New Super-Conducting Technology Takes Data Beyond Zeroes And Ones

Novel printing process switches materials from black to transparent

Panasonic Commercializes a Small Power Inductor of 4 mm by 4 mm Square for Automotive Use

PCB Necklace V1 V

Physicists manipulate magnetism with light

Providing GPS-quality timing accuracy without GPS

Quantum leap on film

Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit)

Researchers set record by preserving quantum states for more than 5 seconds

Rick & Morty Steampunk weather gadget

RoboBee Can Now Pivot on a Dime

Robotic Exploration of Uncharted, Underwater Glacial Walls Set for 2023

Rubik Cube Solver Robot, With Raspberry Pi and Picamera V

Scientists At Umass Amherst Engineer New Material That Can Absorb And Release Enormous Amounts Of Energy

Scientists develop ‘exceptional’ surface to explore exotic physics

Short Circuit For Big Impact

Slackware Release Announcement

Superconductor Simulations: Algorithms Predict Superconductivity in Crystalline Materials

Surrey researchers working with Space Power to revolutionise satellite power using laser beaming

Tiny materials lead to a big advance in quantum computing

(Yet Another) Dot Matrix Clock V

Zwift Capable Pedal Generator V