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A minimalistic RGB LED Lamp

Meet Loopie, a minimalistic, enticing RGB LED lamp that can easily fit everywhere in your living space. The unique mystic shape of this lamp will make you lose all sense of time. In this video, we will be guiding you through the steps explaining how to build it on your own. It’s very cheap and easy to replicate. Are you interested in doing it yourself? Let’s get building.

In this project, we’ve chosen a rounded rectangle shape that is not commonly used for LED lamps. But Why?

Let’s learn some psychology. There are many interesting facts to consider when working with different shapes in design. It takes less cognitive brainpower to see rounded rectangles than it does to register sharp-cornered ones. This means it takes the visual senses more time to register the points of a rectangle than with an ellipse of the same size. It seems that a shape with sharp corners interrupts thought by forcing the brain to pause at each point until they complete the circuit.

The first and foremost meaning of rounded shape is eternity since they have no beginning or end. The circle has a long association with the sun and Earth as well as other cosmic objects while the ellipse is similar to the whole universe. That’s why round shapes may give the feeling of magic and mystery. In addition, unlike the shapes, rounded shapes don’t have angles so it makes them softer and milder.

As a result, by choosing this rounded rectangle shape, Loopie can provide an eternal, magical, and pleasant feel to the viewers.”

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