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Cat Prank

Cat Prank is meowing box when discovered emits the angry cat to startle your gullible foe.

The idea is to place the Cat Prank say under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen, then trigger the meows sounds remotely when you target is close by. They hear gentle kitten meows causing confusion. The meows grow louder as your target locates the source. They open the the cabinet door with the strange expectation of finding playful kittens only to be greeted by a loud hissing angry cat!

The angry cat is triggered either by the light sensor or infrared motion sensor. The light sensor is good for going for placing the Cat Prank in a dark cabinet to be triggered on the door opening. The infrared motion sensor allows for the flexibility to place the Cat Prank in a hallway or under a dresser.

The Cat Prank has an internal 18650 LiPo battery with a USB micro charging port on the back panel. The internals are accessed via four screws.

The Cat Prank is powered by and Arduino Mini and a XY-V17B sound module. The remote control is a 433MHz MOSFET module that provides a decent range for activation.

Behind the electronics mounting panel hides the speaker, amplifier, photoresistor, PIR and sensor. The two modules to the far right with USB micro jacks are the LiPo battery charger and DC-DC buck boost to provide 5v from the 3.7v LiPo.”

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