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Automatic Solar Powered Chicken Door

How to create and program a door that open and close at sunrise and sunset, powered by solar panel.

I wanted to build something with an arduino since I have received and completed an “arduino starter kit”. Therefore, this project is my first attempt at building something with an arduino (and electronics) and I have done a lot of mistakes along the way. This is far from being perfect and I can’t guaranty it will work out if you try this yourself. I have written down all the mistakes I have done so you could avoid them.

English is not my native language, sorry for potential grammatical or syntactic errors.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

I needed to build a door for chickens that closes and opens automatically at sunrise and sunset. The door could not be connected to the grid (too far from the house) so batteries and solar panels were a requirement. If you have the chance to be able to connect your system to the grid, do so. Battery charging/management is a nightmare.

If, like me, you are new at this, build your circuit on a breadboard first to be sure everything works fine, then solder.”

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