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Hi readers, welcome back to my another interesting instructable, in this project i will show you How To Make Arduino Gesture Control Robot At Home Using Radio Module in a very easy way.
To begin with let me go through features of this project! Like the usual radio controlled cars that run with a remote this robotic car is remote less!
I mean it does not have a remote or a control button to move up, down, right and left.
Instead this project has the advance feature of gesture, you will be controlling the car with the gestures of your hand.
How cool is that controlling something with the gestures of your hand that too with the project you could make at home.
With this being said let us see how you can build this project, like always i have also included the complete instructions on building this project along with the circuit diagram and codes.


- Piece of Cardboard
- BO motor and wheels
- Arduino Nano
- Gyro sensor or MPU6050
- NRF 24L01
- Tip 32c Transistor
- 9v Battery and Holder
- L293D servo motor driver
- Hot Glue
- Empty PCB
- Band for Wrist
- Double sided tape
- LED lights(Optional)
- Soldering Iron”

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