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RC cars have always been a source of excitement for me. They’re fast, they’re fun, and you don’t have to worry if you crash them. Yet, as an older, more mature, RC enthusiast, I can’t be seen playing around with a small, kids RC cars. I have to have big, grown man-sized ones. This is where a problem arises: adult RC cars are expensive. While browsing online, the cheapest I could find cost $320, the average being around $800. My computer is cheaper than these toys!

Knowing that I can’t afford these toys, the maker in me said I could make car for a 10th of the price. Thus, I began my journey to turn trash into gold

The parts needed for the RC car are as follows:
Used RC Car
L293D Motor Driver (DIP Form)
Arduino Nano
NRF24L01+ Radio Module
RC Drone Battery (or any other high current battery)
LM2596 Buck Converters (2)
Small, miscellaneous components (header pins, screw terminals, capacitors, etc)
The parts needed for the RC controller are as follows:
Used controller (must have 2 analog joysticks)
Arduino Nano
NRF24L01+ Radio Module
Electrical wires”

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