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Arduino Controlled LEGO RC Tank and Transmitter

I recently got my childhood Lego out and wanted to find a project that I could combine with Arduino and mechatronics. I started off building a digger but then realised a tank would be better because, well tanks are cool!
I originally built it to be controlled over Bluetooth from my phone but then wanted to take it further and make a remote transmitter to make the connection more stable.

Receiver (tank) end:
A bunch of Lego including tracks
2x geared DC motors 6v
5v portable power supply
Arduino Uno or Nano
L9110s motor driver
NRF24L01 Remote Transceiver
Jumper Wires
10uf capacitor

Transmitter end:
Copper clad board or breadboard
2x joysticks
Arduino nano (Uno would work)
NRF24L01 Remote Transceiver
10uf capacitor
Toggle switch”

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