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The project presented here is a two-channel infrared remote ON/OFF switch that can be used to control home appliances, Lights, Fans, Water Pumps, Aquarium pumps, Ovens, Heaters, etc. This open-source project contains 2 x SSR (Solid State Relay), Arduino Nano, and TSOP1838 infrared receiver, keeping safety in mind, optically isolated SSR (Solid State Relay) is used to have isolation between high voltage AC circuitry and Arduino Nano. The operation of the circuit is pretty simple, TSOP1838/TSOP38238 IR Sensor receives the infrared signal from IR remote, Arduino Nano decodes the IR signal which is connected to digital pin D2 and provides latch outputs on digital pins D5, and D6 in respect to IR code received from IR remote. These two digital outputs D5, D6 drive the SSR using 2 x BC847 BJT transistors. CPC1998J optically isolated solid-state relays from IXYS Integrated Circuits drive the AC loads. We have tested this board with 500W/230V AC lamps, however, the load capacity of SSR is 20A. A snubber circuit is provided across the SSR-Traic which helps driving inductive loads. Heat-sink on SSR is not required for loads up to 5A, but for higher load, it is advisable to mount a heatsink on SSR.

- Components Functions: U2 & U3 SSR Relay AC Load driver, U4 TSOP1838/TSOP38238 IR Sensor, R1 & R4 Current limiting resistor for SSR LED, Q1 & Q2 LED Driver of SSR, D1 & D2 Protection Diode for SSR LED, C1 & C2 + R1 & R5 Snubber Circuit for AC Inductive Load.
- Connections: CN2 AC Input 110V-220V AC, CN1 Load, CN3 Load, CN4 5V DC Supply If Arduino Nano USB power is not available, CN5 DC Power (Optional) 7V to 12V if USB/5V power is not available.
- Power Supply DC: The Arduino Nano can be powered via the Mini-B USB connection, 7-12V unregulated external power supply (CN5), or 5V regulated external power supply (CN4).

CPC1998J is an AC Solid State Switch utilizing dual power SCR outputs. This device also includes zero-cross turn-on circuitry and is specified with an 800VP blocking voltage. Tightly controlled zero-cross circuitry ensures low noise switching of AC loads by minimizing the generation of transients. The optically coupled input and output circuits provide exceptional noise immunity and 2500Vrms of isolation between the control and the output. As a result, the CPC1998J is well suited for industrial environments where electromagnetic interference would disrupt the operation of plant facility communications and control systems”

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