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Send your Arduino to collect data from the edge of space!!

Hey everyone!! You’re probably wondering, wait, you can send an Arduino to space? Almost. Using a weather balloon, you can send an Arduino, camera, garlic bread, or anything else you want to a third of a way to space! Even though it is a third of the way to space, almost 99% of the atmosphere isn’t present, so we call it “the edge of space.” This guide is super long, but unless you are just checking this project out, make sure to read everything until Path 1. Anyways, let’s get into how you can do this.

There are going to be three paths for you to follow based on what you want and your skill level. All three pathways will require some soldering skills due to the incredible winds up in the stratosphere. Each path isn’t better than the other in anyway, its just based on what you are interested in. Let’s quickly go over them.

Path 1: Creating a simple data logger using a proto board, various sensors, with little soldering skills.

Path 2: Using a predesigned PCB shield (printed circuit board) to have a clean awesome looking board, designed and tested by us.

Path 3: Make your own PCB in a program. This guide will not go deep into how to design and make your own PCB, but it will go over some guidelines for you to think about. I will make sure to link some awesome guide for you to learn from.”

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