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Open Grow Light

Exactly a year ago (February 2020), James’ wife wanted to expand her plant growing setup in the house.

This included a bigger, larger, taller plant growing area AND the need for more lighting.

BINGO! The seed for the Idea was planted.

After an exhaustive market research, not able to find the product that we had in mind, we started the design of this new amazing device.

What started as a simple programmable light source has evolved into a full featured Open Source Grow System which you can use to simulate the seasonal lighting condition/duration for any desired latitude and it will also control the moisture and temperature of your growing area year-round.

This allows you to simulate for example, a San Diego, CA spring climate even if you live in New York during winter.

The system has been thoroughly tested and performs even better than expected.

Being Open Source, of course allows you and everyone in the Open Grow Light community to improve and even expand on it.”

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