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In this Instructable I’ll show how to make a Sound Meter using an Arduino and some more components.
This is a school project I did recently which took me a year to complete, it is based on the construction of a Sound Meter which registers sound levels in decibels. The objective was highlighting noise pollution, a type of pollution that is less known, but which constantly affects us in our daily lives.


1 - Arduino MEGA 2560
1 - SparkFun Sound Detector
1 - MicroSD Card Module
1 - Standard protoboard
1 - Neopixel LED Strip
1 - LCD (20X4)
1 - RTC DS3231(Real Tme Clock)
1 - Seven degment display
2 - 9V Batteries
1 - Buck Converter
12 - 220 Ω Resistor
1 - 470 Ω Resistor
2 - Switches
1 - 1000 μF Capacitor

3D Printing:

Anet A8
Bq Black PLA

Hot glue + Hot glue gun
Super Glue
Screws —> 3mm x various lengths
Double sided tape
Soldering Iron + Heat-shrink tubes
Electrical tape”

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