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Features/Instructions are the same as on other projects based on the same sketch, here’s another video (also linked from the sketch instructions in step 10).

Just when I thought I was finally done with 7 segment modules…. someone came along having specific requirements to one. We ended up building some kind of grid, but it kept me thinking:

Is there an easy way to increase led count inside my 7 segment modules without scaling the model to insane sizes? Or using strips with 144 leds/m, which come with other problems? Yes.

After mixing some elements of my Lazy Grid Clock and 7 segment modules this is what I ended up with. Mainly I was working on another module but just had to build this smaller version with another question in mind:

Can the build be simplified even more compared to my other 7 segment clocks?

Yes, this can also be done. This clock is using a single strip of leds, a whopping 252 leds in total. There’s just one long piece (4.2m) inside the frame parts and that’s it. 8 leds inside each segment, 56 per digit.

Width: 40.7cm
Height: 14.8cm
Depth: 3.8cm

252 LEDs, 1 continuous strip (WS2812B, 60 leds/m, 4.2m)

Or 388 LEDs, if going for the 6 digits version (6.47m)…”

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