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There are really several reasons why this project came into existence:
1. As an author of cooperative multitasking library TaskScheduler I was always curious how to combine the benefits of cooperative multitasking with the benefits of pre-emptive one. There are benefits to both and both have shortcomings. Combining the two allows a unique opportunity to leverage benefits and play down issues of either based on a particular use-case. Interesting? Read on…
2. The very fact that ESP32 is a multi-core microcontroller is fascinating. I was always curious if I can take advantage of that feature. So the experiment here was: can ESP32 stream video smoothly using one core while doing something else (meaningful and reasonably intensive something else) on the other core. Even more interesting?? Read on…!
3. I needed a testing ground for my recent projects around OTA firmware provisioning and configuration management…
4. I had purchased two LED Dot Matrix modules some time ago and could not figure out what to do with them…
5. My son is a Minecraft gamer, and as any small boy loves to decorate his door with “Do not enter” posters…
So here you go - all good reasons for: Interactive Do Not Enter door sign with ESP32-CAM streaming of a video feed “from behind the closed door” - or “Who is coming to my room?”

If you have the patience to read the whole story you realize that this is not really about a Minecraft sword. This project is a proof of a lot of concepts:

Coexistence of Preemptive and Cooperative multitasking
Selective use of ESP32 cores
Use of new Dictionary and EspBootstrap libraries
OTA firmware provisioning
Configuration management
Video streaming to multiple clients
and a lot more.


MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4-in-1 LED Display Module Geekcreit for Arduino
Attom Tech 2500mAh Power Bank”

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