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We old timers know this as a MAN. Monsanto and Fairchild may have been first to use the acronym MAN for multi-segment alpha numeric led chip. The 7 segment display you often see. I see some interesting ways to produce the display with relays, flaps, and leds but they all have 4 numeric sections. This is as easy as it gets with only ONE MAN.

To read the hours from the minutes the hours slightly blink while the minutes are steady. I tried to video the effect but the iso keeps trying to change the brightness even though I had it locked.

You can expect an EASY to make clock display. The 7 lens segments snap into the case and have ample room for 3 leds inside. There is a decorative color spacer. Easy to attach 4 switches to set hour10, hour, minute10, minute. I made the code easy to understand and allows for anode or cathode driven leds. The flash rate and display duration can be adjusted too. And some brief history websites.”

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