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Digital Clock with IR Remote Control using Arduino Nano

Digital Clock With Hour/Minute/Second/ Temperature display and features Alarm/snooze/Hour Chime with a full function IR remote Control.

I have earlier published a Digital Clock project, and that was my first project on Arduino. That project has only limited features ( even without a facility for time setting ) due to constraints in getting sufficient no of pins on Arduino Nano to write the program. Here by adding an InfraRed remote, it give me flexibility of incorporating all the features that requires ( may be more if required), with out the need of extra pins and also avoiding slide and push switches. Also IR remote make the clock very compact and convenient to set and use.

Also avoiding bread board, jumpers etc, I used a home made PCB to make the project compact and an usable for normal home use

I am publishing this project as a new one, since the previous project’s sketch was extensively changed to incorporate IR remote and adding additional features, and also it is a finished project.”

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