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Hello Lovely People,
This remote control was designed and built by me for my NovaSM3 quadruped robot dog project. It could easily be used with any remote controlled device using a NRF module and some custom coding! ;)

What you will need:

- Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Embed
- Lipo Battery
- 2 OLED Displays
- 2 Thumb Joystick Breakouts
- Mini Momentary Push Buttons
- NRF24101 Module
- SPDT Rocker Switch
- Sliding Potentiometers
- Round Momentary Push Buttons
- WS2812B 5050 Smart RGB LEDs
- 5V Buck Converter
- 3.3V Voltage Regulator
- Solid Hook Up Wire
- Resistors
- 22uF apacitor
- 3mm Hex Cap Screws
- 3D printing filament of your choice”

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