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Hello, I am pleased to present to you my first major project, a custom designed 7 channel transceiver unit. The transmitter is based on an arduino nano, to which two joysticks are connected, a potmeter and two toggle switches. Communication is handled by the nRF24L01. I chose this module because it is relatively cheap, has a very long range when used properly and a very low latency. My main principles in building it were cheapness and to create a compact, good looking and reliable device. I didn’t want any disturbing long cables that could come loose during testing and cause malfunction, so I also designed my own PCB.



- Arduino nano
- nRF24L01+PA modul
- AMS1117 voltage regulator
- 50 uf capacitor
- Female pin connectors
- 2 pieces 5 pin connectors
- 2 pin connector
- 2 pieces joystick
- 2 pieces 2 way toggle switch
- Potentiometer
- Push button
- Power switch
- DC power supply female connetor


- 3d printer :)
- Some M3 screw
- 4 pieces M3 ruthex
- Some glue”

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