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3D Printed Arduino Based RC Transmitter

This project will show you how I went about designing and building an Arduino based RC Transmitter.
My goal for this project was to design a 3D printable RC Transmitter that I could use to control other Arduino projects. I wanted the controller to be as permanent as possible, but I also wanted the ability to take it apart and redesign portions of it. This project is the result of a few weeks of hard work.

To build this controller, you will need:

Analog Joystick x2
Analog Potentiometer x2
128x32 0.91 inch OLED Display x1
Arduino Nano x1
NRF24L01 module with antenna x1
3cm x 7cm perfboard x1
BRC 18650 3.7 v Li-ion battery x2
2 cell 18650 battery case x1
AMS1117 3.3 voltage regualtor x1
3 position toggle switch x1
2 position toggle switch x2
Additional Items:

Multicolored standard 22 gauge wire
Multicolored solid core 22 gauge wire
Male + Female Pin headers
m3 pan head screws and nuts (assorted length)
m2 pan head screws and nuts (assorted length)
m2 standoffs (assorted length)
Access to:
3D printer
Soldering Iron”

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